how we work

With decades of tool-making and manufacturing experience, Bandel is the premier choice to review the design of your parts for manufacturability.

If you understand the tendencies of the manufacturing process, you can adjust a part's shape and dimensions in ways that reduce the difficulty and cost of producing a part without reducing its performance.

Our superb quality management system will ensure that all necessary documentation is created for every order.  We are a certified ISO 9101 and AS 9100 company.  We ensure the highest production quality, on time delivery, and guarantee the highest level of security on all products that walk out our doors.

Bandel can build your tools and dies quickly.

Traditionally the production of an entire tool is assigned to a single toolmaker. Thus, each component of the tool is slowly built sequentially. Our team of experienced tool designers and machinists work in parallel with each other to get your product out faster. This shortens lead times and adds flexibility to the design and construction of the tool. Bandel helps get your product to market fast!

customer Service

Bandel provides its clients with experienced advice during the design process that helps to lower production costs. Designing a part that is easier to make will reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and shorten lead times.

We provide our clients with close, one on one attention which translates into the highest quality, and most precise fabrication of tooling and parts.

For years, we have focused on quality and on time delivery. We have worked to be at the forefront of American tooling and machining in the aerospace, automotive, medical, water processing and military industries.

Bandel bought its first Wire EDM and CNC milling machines in 1979, shortly after these technologies first became available. Since then, we have introduced many customers to our computer, and electric based machining processes. While most manufacturing companies now have CNC equipment, Bandel's advanced experience ensures that your products will benefits most from it.

Bandel can deliver real prototypes fast. With fast tool-making and short-run production facilities under the same roof, you'll get your products to market faster.

We are passionate about precision metal stamping, machining, and tool making. We look forward to doing business with you.